Creativity Abounds at the Victory Reading Program

Inspired by their growing love of books, two children involved with the Victory Reading Program worked with their tutor to write and illustrate Raja, Ram, and the D-Flies, a poignant and engaging story of two children who use their knowledge of science to rescue their community.  STEP has sent the book to print, planning a release at the Fall Banquet and Fundraiser on October 20th.  Copies will also be available upon request.  Below is the forward of the book, written by Ramon and Rajana’s tutor:

“Let’s make a book.”
After reading books with Rajana Green and Ramon Battle for 6 months in the Victory
Reading Program, they wanted to make their own book. The children’s passion for
drawing and painting and their love of a good story came together to create Raja, Ram,
and the D-Flies.
Like Rajana and Ramon, the heroes in our story are children who miss little in their
observations about life. As one of my co-volunteers says of children “more is caught
than is taught.”
Creating the book was a demanding project and our two 9-year olds thrived on it. They
liked being a team. They liked having responsibilities that were meaningful to them and
they liked the feeling of accomplishment. I am proud of Rajana and Ramon.
Mary Eure
Victory Reading Program Volunteer


To request a copy of the book, please email Bekah Yowell at or call 804.648.7552.