The Most Important Thing: Reflections of a JfL Mentor

By Kat Hodges, Jobs for Life Mentor Spring 2016


I’ve seen God miraculously provide in my own life and I didn’t want to hold it in.  I wanted to be a mentor to give someone else hope that God hears prayers and does want the best for them.

The biggest thing I learned was that coming in as a mentor does not automatically give me the right to speak into someone’s life.  Most everyone in the program had been through hardships that my suburban childhood and SEC college life could not understand.  I think people didn’t want to let their guard down because they didn’t think I could relate to them.  They weren’t wrong.  I couldn’t.

God had the hope.  He had the answers, but time and time again humanity didn’t listen.  Then, about 2,017 years ago He left heaven and entered into humanity as Jesus.  Why did Jesus not start His earthly ministry until 30?  I think part of it was He wanted to fully experience the human condition.  He was building street cred.

At the end of his 33 years Jesus had felt every pain my mentee has.  Though I may never experience her hardships, I can continue to trust He sees what my mentee needs.  At the end of the day He is the most important thing to point her to, and thankfully I know Him.

Jesus said, “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21).  If we put our treasures (our time, our money, our PRAYERS) into our mentee’s world then our heart will get there, and they’ll see it.

My mentee saw that by the end of the class and our relationship changed, or maybe I should say, “it started”.  Now we try to talk each week, and it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of a world I previously knew nothing about.